• Fantasy Artwork and Coloring Pages by S.Mac
  • Paintings by Sheri McClure-Pitler
  • Samples of Art Nouveau Hairstyles by Sheri McClure-Pitler, some of which can be found in a downloadable coloring book.

I have these characters in my head, you see. Just waiting for me to put pen to paper so they can run free! Some only want to be seen, but others have stories to tell. I have an idea! I’ll let them loose in a blog, and all will be well!

My Illustrated Life

New Bumblestook 2 Illustrations
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After evolving from several off-the-cuff Doodles, Yoki and Qalateqa (shapeshifting Amorphae known as Chichiwa) have arrived. Residing in a mysterious cliff dwelling in the American Southwest, the Chichiwa dine primarily on Juniper berries and nuts... Read More

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Thought you might like a few paragraphs from Bumblestook, Book 2, currently in the writing stage; CHAPTER 1 Wild Magic Once again, they met in that mysterious place which knew no boundaries; where... Read More

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Who, or what, is Bumblestook? Bumblestook is the title of my YA Fantasy novel; decades in the making, now only days away from becoming a reality! I’m excited and anxious, humble and proud,... Read More