Starting Over

Starting Over

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It’s a little scary starting over again. It’s hard to let go of the original site, Coloring Pages for All Ages, that I created in 2008 as a sort of free-range for my doodles. At the time I had a vague notion of satisfying my urge to doodle, while somehow giving them a purpose. It turned out better than I hoped.

Visitors from all over the world wrote to tell me how my coloring pages had been put to use; in their homes, classrooms, hospitals, daycare, after school programs, and Senior Centers. They were used not only for fun, but for education, relaxation, and therapy. I was, and still am, deeply grateful to the folks who took the time to write to me. They encouraged and inspired me to create more and more and more doodles, until I literally ran out of room! I had used up all of the space allotted to me, and could upload no more.

For a very long time, I just let it be. After all, there were hundreds of doodles residing there – surely enough for anyone who wanted them! I moved on to other things; opening a couple of online art stores on Etsy, writing and illustrating projects.

But, every once in awhile, someone would write again; thanking me for the work I had done, and then politely asking, when was I going to do more?

Truthfully, I’m always doing more! There is no end to doodling! Doodles will have their way, and not always at the appropriate time! In fact, lately they have erupted full-blown; invading my workplace by crawling across the paperwork on my desk, and leaping onto the whiteboard behind it!

So, perhaps it is time. Time to start again, in a new place with more space. It will take a while, as building a site is a bit of a quagmire for a non-techie like me. But, I’ve taken the first steps; acquiring a new host (HostGator) and a new space here at WordPress. I’m going to try pulling everything together here under one roof; coloring pages where the doodles can roam free; the online art store containing original art, prints and downloadable coloring books; sneak-peeks at my book; glimpses of on-going projects; and visits from Guest Artists. I hope I haven’t taken on more than I can handle!

Oh well, time to take a leap…

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