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S.Mac's Fantasy Cat with Horse
Fantasy Cat with Horse


As Doodles often do, the Cat-Doodles crept up on me, pouncing unexpectedly. It was a maddeningly slow afternoon at my day-job. A freakishly hypnotic winter storm raged outside the two-story showroom windows.  I’d done everything I could do, including finishing a couple of projects on the back burner and cleaning out my desk, but there were hours remaining in the workday. I was starting to feel anxious – not being the type who enjoys  twiddling thumbs.

Suddenly, my pen was in my hand, and I was scratching away at a nearby piece of paper. A Doodle was being born! He started off as just a sly eye and a few zig-zaggy eyebrow hairs, but soon took over the page as a full-blown Wizard Cat. Immediately, he demanded to be cloaked in a robe, covered with lightning strikes and sunbursts. A tower of mysterious tomes, be-ribboned bookmarks hanging out like thirsty tongues, grew tall behind him. An other-worldly creature’s skull, and a chunk of rock sprouting raw crystals, completed his story.

There soon-after followed a variety of others (a Cat Burglar, a Scout, a Queen-Mother Cat & her Kittens, a Cat singing to the Moon) until one day I realized – say, I almost have enough here for a Coloring Book! There were 8 black and white Fantasy Cat drawings, but I like to have 12-15 pages in a book. Of course, as soon as I started thinking I had to do more, they all slipped away, slinking back into the shadows from whence they came. Occasionally I tried to call them forth, but (cat-like) they refused to come, and the resulting drawings had no life, no story. I put the pages away.

And then, yesterday, there came another slow day. Once again,  I had exhausted my list of things to do when suddenly, pen in hand, a horse emerged on a nearby sheet of paper. As she manifested, her head turned to the side and back, as if she were nodding to a companion – but who? And then, I knew. It was to be a cat; a Noble Cat, for a Noble Steed. Soon, the cat appeared, with a bit of a turned-up nose and a little jewel under her chin to clasp her flowing cloak, as she rode effortlessly on the horse’s back. Lush exotic grass sprang up and a little breeze, carrying dancing leaves, arrived to finish their story.

And then there were 9!

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  1. rhiannonqb
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    Will we ever, someday see a coloring book of your cats? I’m already in love with this image of the horse and cat. Shame I can’t download and color them. I miss your old website terribly! Missed out on some of the Art Deco images. The few other images I have I keep extra copies of to color at my leisure. You are one of my favorite artists. Just felt you should know. =^_^=

    • Sheri
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      Thanks so much for writing and for your kind words! As regards the new coloring book, I finished the last drawing last Saturday, and hope to put it all together this weekend. It may be ready Sunday, but if not, definitely by the following Saturday. If you know which Art Deco images you missed, let me know. I probably still have them saved as files and can send them to you. Best Wishes!

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