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Mercats by S.Mac

For a person who considers herself to be a “dog-person” (I currently live with 3 Chihuahuas who, true to the breed, are cute & cuddly with us – not so much with others) I sure do draw a lot of cats!

It all started with the Wizard Cat Doodle, followed by a parade of other fantasy felines. This led to the idea for my next Downloadable Coloring Book, “Fantastical Cats”. Since my last post, 2 more Cat Coloring Pages have come into being; Circus Cats, and the one featured here – Mercats.

A word of caution about Mercats. They do not like to be called “Catfish”. They find this highly insulting, as they consider catfish to be naught but a tasty dish. And, they can be quite vindictive when rubbed the wrong way. Let’s just say, if you happen to make the mistake of calling a Mercat a catfish, you should probably avoid swimming in freshwater lakes and ponds for a bit.

So, now there are 11 Fantastical Cats. One more should do it! I wonder who it will be?


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  1. Cindy D.
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    Haha! I am also a dog person who draws a lot of cats. (Though I’m in horses phase at the moment.) I do like cats, but prefer dogs. Maybe it’s more fun to put attitude into a cat. These are so cute!

    • Sheri
      | Reply

      They’ve got “cattitude”! Hi Cindy – so nice to see you again! I hope anyone who sees this visits your herd of fanciful beasts. Now there’s some critters with attitude!

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