A Collection of Fantastical Cats

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Fantastical Cats Cover

Finally these fascinating felines have a place to call their own! Months ago, when the first Cat-Doodle (the Wizard Cat)  crept out of my pencil, I had no idea it would open the door to a veritable parade of Cats. There followed 3 pages of Flying Cats ( Bat Wing Cats, a curious Winged Kitten, and a lovely Angel Cat), a Cat Burglar, the freakish Mercats, Circus Cats, the slinky Scout, a very Zen Cat, Lord of the Cats, a Noble Cat on a Noble Steed, a Cat Singing to the Moon, and the Queen Mother Cat with Sleeping Kittens. It’s taken a while, but I think the compulsion to draw cats has run its course!

I collected them all together (which took some time – you know the expression about “herding cats”?) and gave them a home in a downloadable Coloring Book. You’ll find it in the Shop – only $5.00 for the whole “kit-n-caboodle”!*

*Kitty litter not included. Illustrator cannot be held responsible for possible adverse side-effects of keeping company with Fantastical Cats, such as (but not limited to); strange noises in the night, mysterious scratches on furniture, an insatiable desire for fish-sticks, an unhealthy obsession with small rodents, hairballs, growing whiskers.


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