Floating Heads

Floating Heads

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Sometimes I like to draw in a style I call “Floating Heads”. These are just heads (usually with long flowing hair, and perhaps a hat) floating in space without bodies. The question is, why do these doodles materialize out of thin air and just hang there, minus their lower parts?

In the case of the Wizard Heads, it could be a matter of safety. Imagine several Wizards engaged in a virtual conference. One of them unwittingly raises a finger to scratch his nose. Panic ensues as his associates misinterpret the gesture as a motion to cast a spell. Wizard Wars, anyone?

This Floating head Doodle arrived in a trio. A sort of fantasy totem pole.

Elf Maid & 2 Unicorns Doodle
Elf maid & 2 Unicorns Doodle


One of my favorite things to draw is women’s faces surrounded by long intertwining strands of hair. Although these drawings always start with the face, the hair quickly takes over with a life of its own. I call these Art Nouveau Hairstyles. I created a coloring book to give them a home, which you’ll find in the shop.

S.Mac's Art Nouveau Hairstyle 7
S.Mac’s Art Nouveau Hairstyle 7



My current project is a series of Floating Wizard heads. So far I’ve done around 10. Some are mere pencil sketches, while others are finished pieces in color pencil. One I had laminated as an over-sized bookmark.


Floating Wizard Head 4
Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch
Floating Head - Wizard Pencil Sketch by S.Mac
Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch
Floating Wizard Head 3 - Pencil sketch by S.Mac
Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch
S.Mac's Floating Wizard Head 6
Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch
S.Mac's Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch
Floating Wizard Head Pencil Sketch



Wizard & Dragon Bookmarks by S.Mac
Wizard & Dragon Bookmarks
S.Mac's Floating Wizard Head 1
S.Mac’s Floating Wizard Head 1
S.Mac's Floating Wizard Head 2
S.Mac’s Floating Wizard Head 2
S.Mac's Floating Wizard Head 3
S.Mac’s Floating Wizard Head 3













I haven’t really decided what to do with these Wizard heads. For now they seem to be fine, just floating there in mid-air. But if they’re anything like my previous drawings, I suspect they’ll be clamoring for more. I might have to do another coloring book, just to keep the peace.


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    Hair, hair, everywhair…I absolutely LOVE the way you do hair!

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