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Cover for ebook, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard by Sheri McClure-Pitler
Cover for Bumblestook, The Accidental Wizard – by Sheri McClure-Pitler

Who, or what, is Bumblestook?

Bumblestook is the title of my YA Fantasy novel; decades in the making, now only days away from becoming a reality! I’m excited and anxious, humble and proud, brave and fearful! I’ve also become quite superstitious; afraid to say too much or hang too many hopes on it. Oh no, I might jinx it!

I’ve always loved the written word, a passion learned from my father, Warren L. McClure, an avid book collector and poet. I’ve somehow managed to work writing into almost every job I’ve held – penning school curriculum, books for my 1st graders, a school play and on-the-job manuals. But my real desire was to write full-length novels, with scores of interesting characters, epic adventures and surprising twists. Above all, I wanted to write something that would inspire others to read and write and dream; as the towers of books in my father’s vast collection inspired me.

Bumblestook began as just an inkling of an idea and some scribbled pages (handwritten!) in a flimsy spiral notebook. I remember writing furiously with a blobby ink pen, drawing arrows here and there to rearrange this line or that. No cut and paste! That original story was almost entirely scrapped after my son’s first, frank review. The part that he liked (a very small part, mind you – just a paragraph or two!) was the beginning of something new. It grew and grew, into the story of Bumblestook.

I don’t want to carry on too long (that might to jinx it!) but I’d like to invite you to give it a read and let me know what you think. I expect it to be up on Amazon in a week or two. In the meantime, take a look at the Bumblestook page (see link in the Main Menu). There’s a few words about the story and of course some doodles that just had to have their say! They think they’re quite fancy now, and have started calling themselves “illustrations”!



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  1. Joe
    | Reply

    when does the next book come out?

    • Sheri
      | Reply

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for asking! I’m on Chapter 6, but the story is still evolving. I hope to be finished with the first draft in April, then multiple rounds of editing in May-June, and (finally) illustrations in July-August. By September I should be finalizing the concept for the cover design and hiring someone to execute it, as well as having the ebook formatting done. So, October 2016 is the goal, unless of course I sell so many books now that I can quit my day job – in which case everything will proceed at a much faster pace! Fingers crossed!

  2. Fancy
    | Reply

    Good luck in your journey. 😉

    • Sheri
      | Reply

      Thank you! The book is doing fairly well, and I’m onto the next one.

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