Tufted Ear Squirrel Doodle Crashes Bumblestook 2

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Here is a perfect example of how a Doodle can influence my writing and vice versa!

I like to insert actual locations into my fantasy stories. I feel they add a touch of realism to a fantasy narrative while bringing to life my vision of unexpected and magical adventures to be found all around us. In working on Book 2 of Bumblestook, I had always intended for the main character to end up in the Grand Canyon at some point. While researching the location, I was intrigued by several of the local wildlife as choices for new Amorphae (shape-shifters) but hadn’t settled on one. Then (at my day job) this little fellow sprang out of nowhere. He’s the perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between the Doodles and my writing. I imagine he’ll go through a few transitions before I settle on the final image, but this is the original from which the others will spring. Looks like the Tufted Ear Squirrel will have a role in Chapter 6!

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