New Bumblestook 2 Illustrations

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Yoki and Qalateqa Illustration from Bumblestook 2
Yoki and Qalateqa Illustration from Bumblestook 2

After evolving from several off-the-cuff Doodles, Yoki and Qalateqa (shapeshifting Amorphae known as Chichiwa) have arrived. Residing in a mysterious cliff dwelling in the American Southwest, the Chichiwa dine primarily on Juniper berries and nuts from the Pinyon Pine. Although they have many similarities to the Tassel or Tufted Ear Squirrel, the differences would send a Zoologist into a tailspin!

Yoki, the female, and Qalateqa, the male, are lifemates. Here you see them in animal form; dark grey with curly, snow-white chest and tail fur, overly-long ears with wildly sprouting tufts of hair, and large dark, shining eyes. Around their necks, hang necklaces of leather cord strung with beads, bits of shell and feathers.

You’ll have to wait for Book 2 to find out how the lives of these interesting creatures become entangled in Farley Bumblestook’s adventures, but I thought you might like a glimpse of what’s to come.

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