Fantasy Giraffe by S.Mac
Fantasy Giraffe

Hi! I’m Sheri McClure-Pitler, aka S.Mac. I’m an Author/Illustrator, Artist, former 1st Grade teacher, and Professional Doodler. I’ve been married 30+ years and am the mother of 3 human children ( 2 daughters and a son) and 3 doggy daughters.

I’ve always known that I was an artist and a writer. No matter what else I might be doing, that’s first and foremost my viewpoint of myself. In a sense, it is my anchor, and always gets me through challenging times.

I have my parents to thank for this, and would like to say a few words about them. Through their daily actions they showed me that Art (in all of its forms) can be more than just something you take up as a weekend hobby. It can be an integral part of who you are and what you do every day.

My mother sang, in groups and as a soloist, and performed in Community Theater. A grand piano and a large reel-to-reel tape recorder were standard living room furniture. The sounds of scales, lyrics and lines, filled my ears almost on a daily basis.

My father wrote. He went to his “day job” with a pocketful of 3 X 5 cards, for jotting down ideas while he worked. Most nights he came home and sat down to the typewriter at the dining room table. It’s clackety keys produced an endless parade of “Poetry and Prose” (a title I remember reading on one of the many notebooks filled with pages).

Today, there’s a new piano in the living room and my mother is still practicing and performing. The typewriter has been replaced by a computer, upon which my father still types away, filling virtual files with his writing.

Growing up in this atmosphere, drawing and writing have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. I can still recite a poem I wrote when I was 5 and distinctly recall doodling illustrations for an imaginary story during third grade Math.

As an adult I’ve always managed to work a little art into my everyday life, no matter what the profession. As a teacher I wrote and illustrated curriculum materials. I created illustrated stories and hand-drawn awards for my 1st graders. Later I wrote a play for middle-schoolers and partnered with another teacher to write and illustrate a series of Math Workbooks for 5th grade through adult remedial classes.

I’ve also created and sold paintings, drawings, prints, hand-made greeting cards, wearable art and downloadable coloring books in galleries, open-air markets and in online stores.

I’m the author of a fantasy series called Bumblestook, a coming of age tale with a magical twist. Book 1 The Accidental Wizard, is available now on Amazon. Book 2 is in it’s 6th Chapter, but Book 3 resides only in my imagination.

In 2008 I created my first website, Coloring Pages for All Ages, and maintained it up until just recently, when I decided to start fresh, here on WordPress. I drew hundreds of doodles and made them available as downloadable Coloring Pages, free for anyone who wanted them. It was a wonderful experience which allowed me to share my creations, while providing me with an incredible amount of practice and growth as an artist. People from all over the world wrote to me to tell how they had put those doodles to use (in their homes, after-school programs, hospitals, Day-care and Senior Care Centers) for fun, relaxation, and therapy.

As long as I’m able, I’ll continue to create free coloring pages. You are welcome to download them and print as many as you like, as often as you wish, for personal (not commercial), and especially charitable, use.

Best Wishes,