Cover for ebook, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard by Sheri McClure-Pitler
Bumblestook, The Accidental Wizard

Using their inborn magic and ability to move between dimensions, The People ( comprised of three races; Wizards, Heroes and shape-shifting Amorphae) have hidden in plain sight amongst ordinary Humans for eons. But, when two Heroes seek to use an innocent Humanchild to circumvent their own daughter’s fate, a magical backlash occurs, and the boy accidentally becomes a Wizard!

Farley Bumblestook is the not-so-ordinary, Human boy-next-door. He was born with the unique ability (once attributed to ancient shamans, now all but lost in the mists of time) to commune with the Spirits of Earth itself. When (through no fault of his own) his life becomes entangled in the power struggles between factions of The People, he is drawn into a Quest filled with danger and discovery.

Written by me, Book 1 is just the beginning of the Legend of Bumblestook, whose adventures continue even as we speak. And (because you know I like to doodle!) I threw in some illustrations, just for fun. Here’s a few:

Bumblestook Illustration - Farley as a Baby Bumblestook Illustration - Yap Bumblestook Illustration -Tom Foolery Bumblestook Illustration - Osheanna Bumblestook Illustration - Mubglub Bumblestook Illustration - Niblix Bumblestook Illustration - Kondor Dal Bumblestook Illustration - Magisphere