Custom order illustration for a Children's Book by S.Mac
Custom order illustration for a Children’s Book.


Custom order from S.Mac's Lil' Dragon series.
Custom order from my Lil’ Dragon series.




I am often asked about custom orders. If a project interests me and I feel I can do it justice, I am happy to do it.

This site is a good reflection of my style and the subject matter I like to draw. You probably noticed that I tend to draw flora and fauna, with a bit of a Fantasy twist.  I like the flowing intertwined lines of Art Nouveau and the streamlined look and feel of Art Deco. My style is illlustrative; behind every picture there is a story – even if only in my head!

I’m not into Realism, Portraiture or Still Lifes. I’m not skilled at drawing cars, trucks, planes or trains, although (speaking of things mechanical) I am crazy about creating Robots with personality!





The materials I use most often are Copic and Micron Illustrative Pens, Prismacolor Pencils, Watercolor (paint and pencils), Oil, Acrylics and colored inks. Occasionally I’ll mix media or do something different as on this Dream Horse. First, I drew it with an illustration pen, then colored it with watercolor paints that have flecks of mica in them. Next I cut it out with very sharp fine-tipped scissors. Finally, I mounted it on fiber paper which had been glued to a stiff board.

Dream Horse by S.Mac


Design for Walk for the Cure T-shirts
Custom T-shirt design for Walk for the Cure.


When doing a digital drawing, I use a graphics program that allows me to stretch and manipulate lines and shapes. These  drawings have nice clean lines. I also combine hand-drawn and digital images with text for posters and flyers. This type of artwork is suitable for placement on a variety of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc.





Custom World of Warcraft Character by S.Mac
Custom World of Warcraft Character



Everything I do springs from my compulsion to Doodle. Even when I need to be more disciplined and painstaking, my first sketches are usually wild doodles that take me wherever they will – only vaguely resembling the final product! It loosens me up and allows me to tap into the heart of a project, so the final work is not stiff and contrived.

If you’re interested, use the contact form below to tell me what you’re thinking. Be as detailed as possible and include your time frame. I’ll respond within a day or two at the most. If I think it’s beyond my abilities or not something I feel is right for me, I’ll be frank, and not waste your time.

If I’m busy with other projects, I will do my best to give you a time-frame for beginning your work.