Doodles are the most UN-pretentious inhabitants of the Art World. Uninhibited by boundaries or expectations, flaunting their flaws, they are delightfully imperfect. They are the Artist’s creation in it’s rawest, most primal form.

These spur-of-the-moment flights of fancy are most often caught on miscellaneous, undignified scraps of paper – whatever is to hand. And, since my my tins of fancy drawing pencils and illustration pens are rarely nearby when the doodle-mood strikes, the “media” of choice is usually some random #2 pencil or a cheap ballpoint pen. Fortunately, these crude instruments suit a Doodle’s lack of artifice, and even seem to encourage them!

So, here is my homage to the Doodles! I here-by dedicate this page to them, with the hope that it won’t go to their heads. Most likely not, as they tend to sneer at such things.

Leaf Creature – with a little refinement and a couple of buddies, he’d make a nice Surrealistic Coloring Page.

Elf Maid & 2 Unicorns Doodle
Elf maid & 2 Unicorns Doodle

Sometimes I like to draw in a style I call “Floating Heads”. This Doodle just happens to have 3.

Doodle of Chihuahuas and Cat
The Chis Meet the New Cat

This one’s more of a sketch than a Doodle. It’s a drawing of an actual meeting between 2 of our Chis and a new cat. I added some text to it just for fun.

Doodle of a Finhead

I’m not sure those fins on top of her head are practical. Oh well, that’s how she wanted to be drawn, so…

Monkey-Fox Gryphon
Monkey-Fox Gryphon

He’s a Gryphon-Hybrid! He started out as a foxy creature with wings, but then sprouted a lion’s tail. When it came to his feet, he couldn’t seem to make up his mind – paws or claws? Finally he settled on monkey hands-feet, because they’re so flexible! He’s rather small – Chihuahua size. I wanted to name him something cool, but he says his name’s Harry.

Doodle - Scraggly Elf Girl Don’t know where this Scraggly Elf Girl is off to in such a hurry.

Grass Creature Doodle I got a new pen at Office Depot. Had to have it because it reminded me of one I had as a kid. You know, the kind with about 10 different colors in one big fat tube. I pressed green, and voila! This Grass Creature Doodle appeared. Look out for the Lawn-Mower, little guy!

Elf Girl with Topknot Doodle by S.MacDoodle
Elf Girl with Topknot










This fashion-forward Elf gal started out as just a wisp of pink grass. The pen (cheap but loaded with colors) deposited a couple of blobs. The blobs turned into beads. Beads led to a topknot. A topknot really should have a head. The head seemed to call for a fun fringed collar. And so on.

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