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S.Mac's Hop on Top Easter Egg Coloring Page

Hop on Top

Easter Coloring Pages are hopping with fluffy bunnies, woolly lambs, fuzzy chicks and downy ducks. And of course, everybody’s favorite guest, the Easter Bunny, makes an appearance with a basket full of goodies!

Easter embodies the spirit of Spring. The promise of renewal and rebirth resonates with people around the world as buds push through the last remnants of snow, and baby animals take their first wobbly steps.

For the kids, Easter activities can be quite exciting! First comes the discovery of Easter Baskets, delivered by the mysterious Easter Bunny. What fun it is to dig through the colorful Easter “grass” for chocolate bunnies, speckled candy eggs and sugary marshmallow chicks! Next, no stone is left unturned as every clump of grass, shrub and low-hanging tree branch is explored in the hunt for highly-prized Easter Eggs!

After all the excitement, why not help the kids settle down with a big box of crayons and a stack of Easter Coloring Pages? There might even be one or two that will interest you!

S.Mac's Hop on Top Easter Egg Coloring Page
Hop on Top

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