Equine Beauty
Equine Beauty

Let your imagination run free with these Fantasy Coloring Pages! Elves and fairies, pixies and gnomes, unicorns, gryphons and other fantastical creatures make these coloring pages their home.

These are some of my favorite pages to color. There are varying degrees of difficulty so that everyone, from beginner to advanced, can enter the World of Fantasy! Some are highly detailed for those who love coloring intricate designs. Others are barely sketched in to allow you to experiment with your own textures and patterns.

Fantasy Coloring Pages allow you to stretch your imagination beyond the boundaries of the Real World. Where you might balk at coloring a Real World horse purple, there’s no reason why a horse from the Fantasy World can’t be any color imaginable. In fact, the color purple might very well complement the horn or the wings!

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These coloring pages are free for personal, non-commercial use. Click on the link below any image to link to a larger .pdf file. Print as many as you like as often as you wish!

S.Mac's Pixies in Leaf Boats
Pixies in Leaf Boats

Print Pixies in Leaf Boats

S.Mac's Mermaids Hitching a Ride Coloring Page
Mermaids Hitching a Ride

Print Mermaids Hitching a Ride

S.Mac's Pensive Fairy Coloring Page
Pensive Fairy

Print Pensive Fairy

S.Mac's Chatty Fairies Coloring Page
Chatty Fairies

Print Chatty Fairies

S.Mac's Skating Elves Coloring Page
Skating Elves

Print Skating Elves

S.Mac's Swinging Elf Coloring Page
Swinging Elf

Print Swinging Elf

S.Mac's Elf Fashion Coloring Page
Elf Fashion

Print Elf Fashion

S.Mac's Prancing Unicorn Coloring Page
Prancing Unicorn

Print Prancing Unicorn

S.Mac's Elf Huntress with Hawk
Elf Huntress with Hawk

Print Elf Huntress with Hawk

S.Mac's Phoenix Rising Coloring Page
Phoenix Rising

Print Phoenix Rising

S.Mac's Pixie Hunting Party Coloring Page
Pixie Hunting Party

Print Pixie Hunting Party

S.Mac's Elven Masked Ball Coloring Page
Elven Masked Ball

Print Elven Masked Ball

S.Mac's Pegasus Coloring Page

Print Pegasus

S.Mac's Gnomes Coloring Page, Gnomes Riding Bareback on a Mouse
Gnomes Riding Bareback on Mouse

Print Gnomes Riding Bareback on a Mouse

S.Mac's Young Pegasus Coloring Page
Young Pegasus

Print Young Pegasus

S.Mac's Exuberant Fairy Coloring Page, Exuberant Fairy
Exuberant Fairy

Print Exuberant Fairy

S.Mac's Fairy Coloring Page, To Catch a Dragonfly
To Catch a Dragonfly

Print To Catch a Dragonfly