Mandala Coloring Pages are inspired by an art style found among the artifacts of many ancient cultures. They are generally rendered in a circular form. The designs progress outward from a central figure, usually with elements of the design repeated. They are often used to express spiritual beliefs and are thought by some to be therapeutic.

The intricate designs of these drawings make them perfect for Adult Coloring. Well-sharpened colored pencils or fine-line markers are the best choices for coloring on paper. The designs can also be transferred to canvas or sturdier paper for painting. A little metallic paint adds a particularly nice touch.


S.Mac's Sun, Moon, and Stars Mandala Coloring Page
Sun, Moon, and Stars Mandala

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S.Mac's World Tree Mandala Coloring Page
World Tree Mandala

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S.Mac's Dolphin Mandala Coloring Page
Dolphin Mandala

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