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Free Kids Coloring Pages!

Kids Coloring Pages provide Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of coloring. Kids of all ages can benefit from the use of these pages; from toddlers scribbling away with chubby crayons to teens wielding laser-sharp colored pencils and super-fine markers. Many of the pages can be imported into programs like Paint.NET for digital coloring.

I created these pages so that young colorists can easily progress from one level to the next. Some pages have simple bold lines and easily defined spaces, while others are drawn with fine lines and intricate designs. In addition, kids  can print as many as they like, as often as they wish to experiment with different color combinations and styles.

I encourage you to allow your kids to color without criticizing their choice of colors or ability to stay within the lines. A non-judgmental atmosphere will go a long way toward encouraging self-expression and building confidence. You might like to join in, coloring along with the Intermediate and Advanced pages, or choosing from the wide selection of Free Adult Coloring Pages.

To access the coloring sheets on this site, simply click on the link below any image for a larger printable pic. Print as many as you like, as often as you wish! All of the coloring pages are free for personal, non-commercial use. (They are .pdf files, so you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them. If you don’t have it on your computer you can go to to get a download for free.)

If your child likes Fantasy, please give my e-book, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard, a try! It’s perfect for teens and young adults, as well as a fun story to read aloud to younger children.

Here are the categories of Free Kids Coloring Pages: