Have you met Kokopelli? His image appears on rock walls and pottery in the American Southwest. It adorns modern-day every-day items such as t-shirts and mugs. But who is this enigmatic fellow?

Kokopelli looks like a hump-backed, dancing flute player. He first appears on cave and rock walls dating back several thousand years. This artwork is attributed to the early Pueblo People, known as the Anasazi. His image can also be found in the artifacts of other Native Americans, such as the Hopi and Zuni.

He is thought to have been a fertility deity; meaning he was the god of both childbirth and bountiful harvests. Some say he carried babies and seeds in the hump on his back! When he played his flute, Winter was banished and the Spring rains appeared to bring forth new life.

I was so inspired by the images and stories surrounding this charismatic deity I just had to draw a few of my own! Here they are for you to print and color.


S.Mac's Kokopelli Coloring Page
Kokopelli 1

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S.Mac's Kokopelli Coloring Page
Kokopelli 2

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S.Mac's Kokopelli Coloring Page
Kokopelli 3

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S.Mac's Kokopelli Coloring Page
Kokopelli 4

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