Look out! It’s Monster Coloring Pages! Run for your crayons!

Relax! These Monsters are (relatively) friendly. All they want is a little color. They REALLY REALLY like color. In fact, I suggest you get to coloring them right away! You can add spots, stripes, or wild, crazy patterns – they don’t mind as long as you just add color. NOW!

(One word of caution; Do not leave these pages alone with your crayons for even a minute. They have an appetite for colorful waxy things.)

S.Mac's Monster with Yo-Yo Coloring Page
Monster with Yo-Yo

Print Monster with Yo-Yo

S.Mac's Monster Wave Coloring Page
Monster Wave

Print Monster Wave

S.Mac's Monster Headache Coloring Page
Monster Headache

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S.Mac's Jello Mold Monster Coloring Page
Jello-Mold Monster

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