Which comes first, the Doodle or the Story? When I doodle (which is to say, a great deal of the time) the figures that emerge almost always have some sort of narrative attached to them. Sometimes the Doodle springs forth on it’s own, and the Story emerges as the drawing takes form. Other times, a bit of a Story develops somewhere in the far-off corners of my mind, and the next thing I know, I’m doodling away on whatever scrap of paper is nearby.

I write in much the same way as I doodle. It’s very “organic” – a socially acceptable way of saying it just sort of happens and I go along for the ride! There’s a lot of editing involved afterwards.


Examples of My Writing

As a teacher, I wrote & illustrated stories for my 1st Grade students. The stories were limited as they could only contain beginning reader vocabulary, and the pictures were simple black and white line drawings. The kids colored the pages, then put them together in little books. They kept them in their cubbies and read them over and over until they fell apart. The fact that they had a hand in “publishing” them fostered a desire to learn to read.

Later, I developed a series of these Coloring Storybooks, under the name “Mother, Mother!” In each, a young animal character learns a little life lesson, all the while relating the experience to their mother. I sold these online as downloads, as well as fully assembled versions, and will eventually make them available here.

5 "Mother, Mother!" Coloring Storybooks by Sheri McClure-Pitler
“Mother, Mother!” Coloring Storybooks by Sheri McClure-Pitler


Other stories I wrote back then, introduced more advanced vocabulary and themes. I drew black and white illustrations for my students to color as I read these stories aloud. An example of this is “The Fairy Dogmother” another book I sold online as a download. It’s about the adventures of a budding Fairy Dogmother named Honeybear, inspired by my little Chihuahua of the same name. This book has been “shelved” for now, as I would like to add more coloring pages, as well as some fully colored illustrations.

Cover for "The Fairy Dogmother" by Sheri McClure-Pitler
Cover for “The Fairy Dogmother”


A larger project was a play I wrote for a small private school. The students were learning about Medieval Times, and a play was the perfect way to bring history to life. It was about the struggles of a kingdom during dark times, and the efforts of a few to make a better life for all. I called it “The Golden Path”. The whole school was involved in creating costumes, painting canvas backdrops, and working on props; not to mention the time spent learning lines and rehearsing. We sold tickets and opened for a 3-night run. I was thrilled at how well it was performed and received. I still have the original play, and would like to dust it off someday with a little rewrite and new formatting. We’ll see. Perhaps it will once again take center stage!

The most ambitious writing project is my Fantasy Novel, “Bumblestook”. It’s about a not-so-ordinary human boy, Farley Bumblestook. He’s a sweet, innocent, trusting sort; kind of funny-looking, with wild hair and big ears. Unfortunately, he’s also extremely clumsy. Through no fault of his own, his life becomes entangled in the power struggles of a mysterious race of magical beings known as The People. During the course of his adventures, he accidentally becomes a Wizard!

Bumblestook is intended to be a series of 3 books. Book 1 is done, and published on Amazon. Book 2 is halfway through, but Book 3 resides only in my imagination.

If you like Fantasy, please give my e-book, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard, a try! It’s perfect for teens and young adults, as well as a fun story to read aloud to younger children.

Cover for ebook, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard by Sheri McClure-Pitler
Cover for Bumblestook, Book 1, The Accidental Wizard – by Sheri McClure-Pitler

I’m looking forward to sharing all of these projects, and more, with you here.