My Interpretation of
Pacific Northwest Native American Art

Pacific Northwest Native American Art Coloring Pages reflect the connection the indigenous people of Northwest America had with Nature. Their artwork was influenced by their physical surroundings as well as their spiritual beliefs.

They lived in a bountiful coastal environment stretching from Northern California to Canada. It was rich in natural resources. The lush forests provided trees, such as towering Redwoods, for plank-wood homes as well as decorative wood carvings. The fibrous bark was used to create baskets, clothing and ceremonial masks. The forest was also home to a wide variety of game animals, while the coast provided an endless supply of fish, sea mammals, shellfish and seaweed.

They believed that Humans could be transformed into animals, and that a Spirit could take on the guise of plants, animals or objects. Some of the images most often depicted in their artwork are eagles, ravens, wolves, bears, killer whales, and other animal beings, including hybrids of combined animal forms.

Their artwork has a very distinct look. It is achieved through the combination of specific forms, such as “U” and “V” shapes, ovals and curved lines, within a simplified outline of an animal form. You will see a repetition of these forms in their paintings, weaving, sculptures and totem poles. There is also a very intuitive use of the negative space created by the forms. This is heightened by bold colors (white, yellow, red, blue, green and black) against a black background.

I’ve been enamored of this style of art since childhood. The stylized forms with bright colors popping and bold staring eyes have ever fascinated me. And that brings us to these Coloring Pages! Here is my interpretation of Pacific Northwest American Art.


S.Mac's Northwest Native American Fox Coloring Page
Northwest Native American Fox

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S.Mac's Pacific Northwest Native American Eagle Coloring Page
Northwest Native American Eagle

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S.Mac's Bear at the Falls Coloring Page
Bear at the Falls

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