S.Mac's Baggy Pants Pierrot Coloring Page
Baggy Pants Pierrot

Although at first glance it might seem that Pierrot Coloring Pages offer a very limited palette, they are actually great for grown-up coloring.

Traditionally, they are pictured in stark black and white. A Pierrot always wears white face make-up with small spots of color on the cheeks and lips. Simple designs may be painted on the forehead, cheeks and around the eyes. The neck area is exposed so it is flesh-tone and the hair is hidden beneath a skull cap. The clothes are usually a combination of (you guessed it!) black and white.

Of course, who is to say your Pierrot can’t wear clothes of many different colors – or even patterns! And the white face becomes the perfect canvas for fantastically colored eye make-up and other painted-on designs.

Or, stick to the traditional black and white palette, but make the figures stand out against a brightly colored and/or patterned background. If using a sturdier art paper, a Pierrot looks striking against a multi-hued wash of watercolor.


S.Mac's Pierrot Coloring Page, Metamorphosis

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S.Mac's Pierrot Coloring Page, Pierrot with Bird
Pierrot with Bird

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S.Mac's Pierrot Coloring Page, Pierrot Napping Under Tree
Pierrot Napping Under Tree

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S.Mac's Pierrot Coloring Page, Pierrot on Hilltop
Pierrot on Hilltop

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