S.Mac's Pop Art Dancing Buddha 1 Coloring Page
Dancing Buddha 1

Welcome to Pop Art Coloring Pages! The Term “Pop Art” refers to art that uses images taken from popular culture. It is often used in commercial art such as magazine ads, billboards and posters. Some images that have been depicted are;

Comic-book Characters
Advertising Symbols and Characters
Movie Stars, Rock Stars and Political Figures
Common everyday items such as soup cans
Symbols that people identify easily such as hearts and stars
Anything Iconic

Pop Art images provide endless opportunities to play with color! They are often painted in bright, bold colors. The “negative space” (the space between the figures) is fun to fill with complimentary or contrasting colors. Sometimes the images are repeated, as if on a strip of film, like this;

S.Mac's Dancing Buddha 2 thumbnail
Dancing Buddha 2

I recommend using colored markers, both thick and thin. Use the fine-tip markers to color along the borders and to get into small spaces. Use the broad-tip markers to fill large spaces.

I suggest you print these pages on paper that holds up well to wet applications. You might also try transferring the designs to a much stiffer paper or canvas board for use with acrylic paint.


S.Mac's Dancing Buddha Coloring Page
Dancing Buddha 1

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S.Mac's Dancing Buddha 2 Coloring Page
Dancing Buddha 2

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