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X-ray Art Coloring Pages

S.Mac's Kangaroo X-ray Art
Kangaroo X-ray Art

X-ray Art Coloring Pages were inspired by artwork created by the indigenous people of Australia. Commonly known as Aborigines, they have different names for themselves, one of which is the Koori.

Some of their ancestral art has survived the centuries and can still be seen today, on cave walls and the sides of rocks. They often drew Australian animals, as well as themselves and their Gods.

The style known as X-ray Art not only captures the spirit of the animal drawn, it also provides an inside look under the skin! Within a simple drawing of an animal’s outline is depicted its highly stylized skeletal structure and organs.

Another distinction of this style is that there is rarely any negative or empty space. The spaces are filled with interesting designs, as well as cross-hatching and dots.

I was so intrigued by this culture that I worked a reference to them into my fantasy novel, Bumblestook, the Accidental Wizard. There’s even an illustration of an X-Ray Art Kangaroo, tucked into the pages of Chapter 8!

Here are some free coloring pages inspired by X-ray Art.

S.Mac's Sea Turtle X-ray Art Coloring Page
Sea Turtle X-Ray Art

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X-Ray Art - Platypus Coloring Page by S.Mac
X-Ray Art – Platypus

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S.Mac's X-ray Art Kangaroo Coloring Page
X-ray Art Kangaroo

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S.Mac's X-ray Art Dingo Coloring Page
X-ray Art Dingo

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S.Mac's X-ray Art Emu Coloring Page
X-ray Art Emu

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S.Mac's Echidna X-ray Art Coloring Page
Echidna X-ray Art

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